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UE.Co Discusses 5 Company Culture Traits That Will Ensure The Best Employees Stay

Originally published on believes that company culture will determine the kind of people that stay in an office. If the company doesn't value the same things as its employees, it won't matter how much they are paid. Eventually, this divide in values will eat away at them, and they will seek greener pastures. You can use this to your advantage. Adapt the right principles and standards, and you can keep the right people and weed the wrong ones out. Here are five such ideals:

1. The Value of Proper Execution

There are several ways your company can emphasize the importance of doing a task well. Rewarding high performers is a good way to express this value. You don't always have to reward them with money; a bit of acknowledgement can send people the right message.

2. The Power of Teamwork

No company is built on the back of one person. Success comes from the combination of everyone's skills, talents, and efforts. This is what makes the power of teamwork so important. It makes the business more than the sum of its parts. You can't have lone wolves bringing people down. You want a strong and united pack.

Emphasizing teamwork often comes down to communication. Open lines of communication and proper feedback channels gives people a voice and thus encourages them to interact with their fellows. It's important to make sure that communication remains respectful and appropriate at all levels to maintain professionalism, a task often left for managers and team leaders.

3. The Importance of Innovation

To a company, stagnation is death. Even companies that essentially deliver the same product for decades try to experiment with variations of their offering. They don't always succeed, but the effort is important. emphasizes the value of innovation and was recently named to Silicon Review's 50 Innovative Companies to Watch list. The company intends to find and keep employees who are excited to break the mold. These creative souls will provide the business with ideas that can help them shatter the status quo and give it a direction to grow.

4. The Importance of the Customer

All businesses should essentially revolve around the customer. The product they sell is marketed to someone who has the problem it solves. If a business does not take the customer into account, it is doomed to failure. They must be treated with the respect and importance they deserve, for without them, there is no revenue. There is no business.

Companies can show how much they truly value their customers by giving their employees the support they need. Everything, from training to the proper equipment, shows your employees that you care about the work they do in terms of customer service. This can ensure that people who want your consumers treated properly will stay and keep working for you.

5. The Significance of Support

While teamwork is important, it can only go so far if you have mediocre employees. The good news is that your company can do something about that. You can hire qualified workers, and train them as they stay at your company. This can lead them down the path of greatness, and additionally make them more loyal to the business. Companies should also seek to get involved with the community. For example, provides a scholarship opportunity designed to support leaders and innovators in the community. This shows that the company cares about and is willing to support its community.

While these are well known important aspects of company cultures, the fact is that most businesses don't actually adhere to them. Be different. Be one of the companies that lives up to these standards and you'll attract, and keep, top talent.

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